ACHTUNG No. 45 “Neben Saison”

Our new issue and fashion film

Here is the formula for our epic fashion story: right place, wrong time. We went to the island of Sylt with actress Milena Tscharntke and Wolfram Amadeus and a crew of models to see the summer tourist dream destination turn into a wintry, foggy labyrinth. There are three intertwined stories about missed connections highlighting Sylt’s natural beauty but also the ugliness of Westerland’s commercial wasteland and the coolness of our looks. Our film was to be set in winter, at a time when the beaches, the sea, the bathing huts and beach bars disappear in the fog – but we gladly took the sunny weather which surprised us. Julia von der Heide shot the entire story on three different format film cameras and our art director Anton Ioukhnovets executed the layout with screen grabs and additional photo material. We will present a series of comprehensive clips on our website and there will be a screening of the director’s cut of the film in a cinema.

Here’s the first glimpse of what’s to come: ACHTUNG “Neben Saison”.