When, How and Why our independent voice came about

Established in 2003, Achtung is Germany’s leading independent fashion magazine. Working with the best and brightest creative team of stylists, photographers, artists and writers, the magazine spotlights the latest in fashion, design and culture.

Achtung’s strength is not only the creation of rich visual editorials, but also in-depth and high-quality journalism. All photographs and words are curated by and for the magazine.

An extension of our print magazine, our digital fashion coverage maintains its journalistic integrity through news and features articles, dedicated fashion shoots, and original video content.

Achtung’s golden rule: our content is 100% self-made. We never recycle from other sites.

Here is a glossary of what to expect from our categories:


Fashion is a world market, a mirror of society, a culture. It is worth a closer look.

Fashion Stories. Clothes have so many stories to tell. Want to dream, face reality or see the future? Creating a new vernacular is our editorial mission.

Runway Reviews. To give perspective and judgment to the international runway shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris through the eyes and from the keyboard of our experienced editors.

News. Breaking news is the communication mode of fashion. We filter what’s relevant.


Fashionable and cultural phenomena shape this category. Here we have our finger on the pulse.

Berlin. What’s happening when it comes to fashion in the German capital? Our offices are based here and we give you our dispatches on shows, exhibitions and related events.

Looks good. We show you what feels good, looks good and tastes good.

Spotlight. Fashion is power and people. Here we take a look at the stakeholders and creatives who shape the industry.