The subtle rise of OAMC

OAMC attracts attention with its Fall-Winter 2018 collection which already teases nostalgic autumn feelings on hot summer days

Luke Meier has garnered a lot of attention lately since he and his wife Lucie have been designing Jil Sander. But we must admit at Achtung Digital, we were not very familiar with his work at OAMC. His last men’s collection for Summer 2018 shown at the Palais de Tokyo was brilliant. While at the show, we realized how big this guy is now. Everyone that mattered in the international press sat front row. So when two of our best German contemporary fashion photography voices Patrick Bienert and Max von Gumppenberg decided to partner with Luke on his latest fall/winter look book images, we decided to give this a lot of space on our site.


Enjoy the calm photographic portfolio. Meier chose to incorporate the idea of tension in this collection, which is hitting stores now. His brand OAMC always contains a slightly military influence and by using artworks and references of two artists, Joseph Beuys and Ellsworth Kelly, Meier added depth by integrating the artists’ past. Beuys, who served in World War II as a fighter pilot for Germany and Kelly who also fought during the war for the Allied Forces as a trooper could not be more different. Although their military past strangely unites them, their work of art divides them. On the one hand, Beuys from Westphalia defied the idea of art with his unconventional approach resulting in the Dada and Fluxus movements. On the other hand, Ellsworth Kelly forged the world of abstract art.


The two main sources of inspiration, war and returning home from service to a place of comfort and security guided. While a lot of military inspired uniforms, suits or the utilitarian outerwear remind of the prior cruelty, Meier and his design department equip their returners with felted blankets, wallpaper and postcard prints on vests, sweaters, shirts and coats –souvenirs from home. At the end of the presentation, there is just one word that sparks attention: Gesamtkunstwerk, as written on the blankets. Well done, OAMC!