The Best of Paris Men’s Fashion Week Show Online S/S 2021

Digital shows taking over

jonas glöer model dries van noten

What can we say? We are in the middle of the “fashion show is dead” moment with phygital and digital shows taking over. Really? After Haute Couture and Paris men’s online, we’re back down to earth.

Dries Van Noten summed it up best with his short video featuring our A50 lister Jonas Glöer. Glöer dressed with a long coat and sparkly vest plays a set of imaginary drums and there is no sense of what the clothes really look like. Our read with regard to Van Noten’s message: “Ok, ok, I send the Fédération a video as they demanded and begged but it will be a big F…Y… Either I can have a show or nothing.” Watch the film here.

jonas glöer model dries van noten

German model Jonas Glöer playing some imaginary drums for Dries Van Noten’s collection teaser video.

It’s disturbing to see how the Fédération and most of the PR’s are creating some kind of faux urgency around the schedule. Reminders are sent on a daily basis to not miss the live streams, which can easily be caught hours later at a more convenient time.

With regard to collections, we loved the fresh voice of LVMH Prize nominee Casablanca designer Louis Charles who channeled a Hawaiian vibe with fantastic colors and rich fabrics like double-breasted linen jackets.

Casablanca models male

Casablanca brought some colorful Hawaiian vibes and tailoring to his collection.

Understanding the power of video, Isabel Marant hosted a fresh summer vibe movie on the Fédération platform, which came across like a movie theater commercial trailer for the brand. Connecting Paris architecture in Patin with a black and blonde model that were wearing the pink sportswear with sandals and expressed Marant’s penchant for fun.