Sprezza Strizzi

In memory of Michel Würthle

We always considered him a Strizzi (ask someone from Munich what it means) who mastered the art of Sprezzatura. Fortunately, recently deceased Michel Würthle was still alive for the publication of his book Paris Bar Press: Confidential last year of thematic drawings, memories and biographical fragments with Gerhard Steidl as publisher. It was the crowning achievement of his career as artist and revered restaurateur. We felt like bringing back this story ACHTUNG did on Würthle a few years ago. It was shot at his tailor L.G. Wilkinson in London by Ronald Dick and our former style editor Eckhart Nickel asked Würthle to define his personal ABC. The story was called Der Lord ist lässig. Yes, he was.

Fotografiert am 16. Oktober 2013 in London bei L.G. Wilkinson