Paris Men’s Fashion Week Highlight F/W 2020 Part 3

Dior Men lit up Friday night with its fashion fireworks while it rained hard outside. Plus, an American and South Korean you should know we talk about soon.

Kim Jones is brilliant when it comes to bringing an archive to live. That’s probably the reason new CEO Pietro Beccari hired him right away when he started his turbo growth regime at Dior. And one quality comes more and more to the forefront at Jones’ tenure – his fierce loyalty to people that have shaped his career and helped him to get where he is. Case in point his latest show for Dior Men which was dedicated to Judy Blame, one of the London fashion scene’s true geniuses, a stylist and jeweler who left a rich legacy. Plus, not to forget Kim’s recent Miami show where he honored Shawn Stussy or Los Angeles artist Raymond Pettibon last January. Jones just has a knack to fit these diverse characters or influences into his Dior design canon.

A rose adorned at the collar was spotted on the runway plus mega key chains as a tribute to Judy Blame who made jewelry out of found objects from walks along the river Thames.

This time he revisited the house archive of ’50s haute couture for women to get to his first look for men: a gray taffeta coat with a rose adorned at the collar and combined with manly, narrow pinstripe trousers. The contemporary twist was how the sleeves were pushed up to let the masculine pride of the black model shine. Apart from Dior gray, the color palette featured beige, brown and shiny navy. Blame was known for making jewelry out of found objects from his walks along the river Thames so most looks were styled with jewelry adorned scarves or mega key chains around the neck and waist. Our favorite look was a two-tone pale blue and black bomber jacket worn with a Buffalo cap with lean black pants from which’s front multiple chains dangled on top of zippered up black boots showcasing the construction.

The Dior color palette featured beige, brown, gray and pale blue.