Home in Nature

"After all, nature is the place to feel at home.”

Studio Ato Home in Nature

While we are all stuck at home, we long to be outside. This fashion story takes you right into nature, lampshade on head and all.

At Achtung, we admire and support the proliferation of fashion editorials. They come to us from all over Germany and their quality has been steadily increasing. Here is a new example from Studio Ato, a trio of female art directors from Munich who have teamed up with photographer Philipp Romer and stylist Mirjana Hecht to produce this very of the moment shooting. Looking into a sustainable future is a key issue for Studio Ato so they took a very pragmatic approach here by immersing the model Clara Hebbeker in elements of nature.

According to Studio Ato:

“Home in nature is telling a story about finding peace in ordinary surroundings, escaping from all the loud places, and reconnecting with the world.

Taking our minds on a journey of tranquility, entering into a dialogue with nature. Observing the world from new perspectives, memorizing all the hidden details and finding first beginnings within. The colors of nature can change in unpredictable ways when taking the time to consciously take it in. After all, nature is the place to feel at home.”



STYLIST: Mirjana Hecht

MODEL: Clara Hebbeker / TIGERSmgmt

HAIR & MAKEUP: Nadja Kaiser


Frau im Wasser mit Leiter
Zuhause in der Natur Erholund Frau im Wasser