Florence Fragrance Fiesta

Finding a niche and owning it is very Italian. Dr. Vranjes Firenze is a typical brand, which stands for this. Celebrating 35 years of olfactory creations the company recently presented Giglio di Firenze, a new home fragrance, along with a full program of events in splendid Tuscany.

Let me take you to the heart of Tuscany, better Florence itself, or Florentia, in Latin, the city of the flower, to introduce you to a local “nose”, Dr. Paolo Vranjes. He is to Florence, what Florence is to the flower, a natural connection. He is combining generosity and curiosity, not hesitating to expose his sensitivity, to create an emotion, or surprise.

His perfumes are pure, mixed while embracing his personal codes and always following his instincts and heritage. He found his passion at a young age. A curious child, he spent hours inhaling the rich smells of luxury fabrics, which his grandfather brought back from all over the world. It was a way of traveling for him and giving free rein to his imagination. He pursued this dream by later gaining a doctorate in chemistry.

Florence inspires him. The city that has adopted him, which cherishes men like him, craftsmen, enthusiasts.  His sensitivity, his finesse, his refinement, and his appetite to create. For him, creating a perfume is like composing a music score. Seven notes compose a piece, and seven notes compose an essence.