Der letzte Schnitt

Bottega Veneta is subtly innovating tailoring

When watching our Laufsteg Strandbad fashion clip one cannot escape the power of the look our leading man Ayman is wearing. A turquoise double-breasted suit with wide pants while he is dancing with Lilith Stangenberg in her Balmain mermaid dress is a real eye catcher. Why?

Ayman: Suit and shoes BOTTEGA VENETA; Lilith: Bralette and skirt BALMAIN, Sandals DOLCE & GABBANA.

There is fashion and then there are the designers who hold the power for a few seasons to decide the future. In general this power is always a statement of shape and silhouette, no matter how big or small or subtle. And to inject or deflate volume requires to be in the fashion zone. Daniel Lee is there at the moment with Bottega Veneta.


For us it is all about the shape and ever since Lee came on board he has been making it all about pumping up the volume in his suiting. Using stiff gabardine for his high-waisted pants, which take on a ballsy pyramid shape at the leg, his interesting inside-out breast pocket detail that has become a signature and his penchant for work wear for the tops have seen a new man come to life. Considering Balenciaga is in the same Kering stable as the shape shifter Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga, the play with volume is within the group.

Photos: Konrad Waldmann

Styling: Markus Ebner

Models: Ayman Salah / Modelwerk

Lilith Stangenberg

Produzent und Konzeption: Marcus Kurz / Nowadays

 Location: Strandbad Wannsee