Come to the Black Forest!

Here is the mood of our new issue

Maike Inga in Chanel Haute Cotoure im Schwarzwald

So here is the thing.

2020 was the worst year for magazines. Our printed matter is not widely distributed anymore because our pages can carry germs. Lufthansa lounges full of newspapers and magazines: Bye bye. Same on the ICE trains in Germany. It’s bad enough. Then Corona and the first lockdown made us loose most of our advertisers because with stores closed their businesses were suffering. Not to forget the occasional not politically correct attitude or behavior from certain editors or headlines (remember: Black is back) and the web went wild calling for the end of careers. Eroding circulation, Condé Nast Germany replacing editors with sales people at the top and decreasing the numbers of annual issues. The print ship is sinking.

Make me bigger

Maike Inga Bagger Bauernhauf Schwarzwald

Michael Ullrich’s tractor is holding precious cargo: Maike Inga sporting DRIES VAN NOTEN pants and shoes.

Yet, here we are with a new issue entirely shot on a Bauernhof in the Black Forest.

Of course, we still make our print issue, we even gave it a new look, printed it more like a book. And respecting the seasonality, we shot all the warm fall/winter clothes in cold weather in November. So the existential challenges actually brought out the best in us. Fashion fire works, new clothes combined with German folklore. It was fun, it feels right and better, it gave us the fuel to produce new material for the relaunch of our site. When you read this, you are on the new frame. So here is the new Achtung. On the first day. And yes, it’s a video. Visit us every day please, or come back in two weeks. But you will see our “Schneewittchen im Schwarzwald” issue unfold day by day, using digital resources to go deeper and best of all: Put fashion stories in motion.

Here is the fashion film Fashion’s Beating Heart by Julia von der Heide and original music by DJ Hell.