Chanel 31 Taschen

“Se mettre sur son 31”

Chanel gold pants bag pink blue
Model blonde Chanel Earrings gold Portrait

Chanel is discreet, oh so discreet. The fashion world knew that the Coco/Karl empire is doing good business but this year the company made business paper headlines. As a privately owned company, Chanel had never published financial figures before but now the owners Alain und Gérard Wertheimer revealed that they turned over 8,4 billion euros in 2017. Sure, we all guessed they made 5 or 6 billion euros but not that much. How come? Chanel follows a nearly religious product launch philosophy where the market needs are perfectly reflected. Now? Chanel announces a new bag design called 31. Famous address in Paris 31, rue Cambon, and maybe it’s also a reference to the famous French expression “se mettre sur son 31”, which translates in English to “dress to the nines”. We mixed up our new favorite model Lina Spangenberg with the 31 bag, the Chanel Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection and more accessories from the iconic house.

This editorial appeared first in Achtung Mode Nr. 36 (September 2018), Zugabe column.


Chanel Bag Pink Black Green Model Lying Flower Dress
Chanel Watch black gold top green pants
Chanel gold top green pants cowboy boots bronze
Chanel pink flower leaves model laying pink green
Chanel Model blond lying flower dress pink bag
Chanel model blonde green pink top gold skirt