An Achtung Dialogue

Breaking down Rick Owens

Starting this off we need to paint a picture. Two keen-on-fashion colleagues sitting in the Achtung Berlin office discussing fashion: Naturally, Rick Owens becomes a topic. One of them is a fan, one of them an appreciator. This list came to us naturally in a discourse and which we thought deserved to be written down. A literal conversational piece.

1: Consistency

Rick Owens’ fashion never catches you by surprise. Don’t get us wrong, we still audibly gasp – but seeing Rick’s clothing is exactly that: seeing Rick’s clothing. Understanding it (or not), processing it and enjoying the spectacle. This also makes buying Rick Owens second-hand very easy: It never feels out of style.

2: True standout

When thinking of Rick Owens one, or at least the two of us, always thinks about him and not his clothing, his brand or his fashion house. Rick has established himself as a designer and as a persona more than a fashion company.

3: Rebel

We always appreciate revolutionary thinkers and there is no valid argument that goes against Rick Owens being an avant-garde designer. He’s always a step ahead.


(Left) Shirt and pants CASABLANCA. (Right) Total look RICK OWENS.

5: Runways

Spring 2014 Ready-to-wear: a choreographed masterpiece.

Fall 2017 Ready-to-wear: an orgy of headpieces.

Spring 2018 Ready-to-wear: the setting plus the update to Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body we never knew we wanted.

Spring 2019 Ready-to-wear: we still think about it.

And last, but not least: Spring 2016 Ready-to-wear: putting female strength to the forefront and inspired by the labors of pregnancy he translated his admiration into bonding bodies together.

6: Michèle Lamy

Speaking of bonding bodies: Michèle Lamy and Rick Owens seem like the perfect fashion power couple: One thing we both agree on really liking about Rick is Michèle.

7: The technicality

Rick and his team truly mastered the execution of silhouettes, cuts and shapes. We can only be in awe of the handicraft and attention to detail. Remembering the outfit Lilith wears in Achtung 41, it consisted of almost 10 individual pieces.

Total look RICK OWENS

8: Relatable

Rick tells a lot of relatable stories for people all over – especially young people trying to find their place – worried about the future, about climate change, about political happenings. Rick acts as the voice of this generation. Even though it is on the highest of levels of high fashion, in his roots Rick Owens is meant for everyone. Not only those with money or hypebeasts. Speaking of hypebeasts:

9: The community

Just kidding.

Total look RICK OWENS

Photos: Konrad Waldmann

Models: Lilith Stangenberg

Elvis Janssen

Produzent und Konzeption: Marcus Kurz / Nowadays

 Location: Strandbad Wannsee