Achtung has a brother: Sepp

Sepp Football Fashion Nr. 11 is on newsstands now

Football is more than a game. Like fashion, it has the potential to cross borders, transcend barriers and bring people together. Some claim Europe has never been so divided. But for four weeks this summer, a football tournament spanning 11 cities in 11 different countries and featuring 24 national squads will show the continent’s true potential, beginning with a match in Rome’s Olimpico and ending at London’s Wembley. Fans will demonstrate that, far from being divided by petty politics, they are united by a shared passion for freedom, fashion, culture and the beautiful game. And let’s not forget, only a few weeks ago it looked like Euro 2020 would never happen or without fans. So thank god after a year of misery football is back and Sepp is here to celebrate that. As we continue to carve out football fashion as a distinct category, we felt it was high time to introduce a ranking of the best dressed players. And yes, the night club we picked for our Kingsley Coman cover shoot is more than symbolic. The world is opening up again. It’s worth to pick up a copy only to see the handiwork of our designer friend Dirk Schönberger who created the ultimate European fan shirt made of small flag ribbons.

Photo by Ralph Mecke

Photo by Jork Weismann

Photo by Julia von der Heide

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 Title image: Sepp Nr. 11 cover featuring Kingsley Coman in Ermenegildo Zegna XXX and Puma photographed by Julia von der Heide.