Achtung Digital Weggefährte: Markus Pritzi

From South Tyrol to Munich and then on to Paris. Markus Pritzi has worked hard to get himself to where he dreamt to be. At the epicenter of fashion photography.

Markus Pritzi has been working with us for more than a decade. Technically speaking, we are not allowed to work with him as Pritzi carries an Italian passport. But then we were fooled from the beginning as he started his career out of Munich and speaks better German than Italian. So the question of the passport didn’t arise and we thought he fits well into our policy of only working with German speaking talents. From his first shoot for us in Frankfurt am Main featuring the designer René Storck to last summer’s cover story with Alpha Dia for the Heimat issue, Pritzi has always delivered emotional and thoughtful work, which the slideshow illustrates, plus some of our editor’s favorites.

From our first shoot with Pritzi on the modern Frankfurt tailor René Storck. Pritzi perfectly captures Frankfurt’s urban flair with its banking skyscrapers and Storck’s clean lines.
Kati Nescher was on every international designer runway and global Vogue covers when she found five minutes to pose for Pritzi outside her Paris hotel here. Naturally, we put her in a Stephan Schneider coat.
Look at this photo and you know why Alphia Dia is one of the go-to male models of his generation. Gorgeous, luminous with wide awake gaze. Pritzi captured this haunting portrait for us last summer in Paris.
Eleonora Baumann from Munich graced Pritzi’s third cover for Achtung Mode with Kati Nescher and Alpha Dia. Exuberant youth bottled at its best in a photo.
Another beginning: Larissa Hofmann, now a respected photographer in her own right, modeled for Pritzi in one of her very first shoots we did with her for a special on Damir Doma who had just started his label in Paris. Pritzi went on to shoot Doma’s look books.