Trezeguet for Trussardi

The French football legend has a new ambassador title

If Zinédine Zidane was the hero of the 1998 World Cup by scoring two goals against Brazil in the final, then it was David Trezeguet who made France a truly Grande Nation in the football world by scoring the winning goal against Italy in the final of the EURO 2000 in Belgium and Holland. Which is what earned him the nickname Trezegoal!

David Trezeguet shot by Jonas Unger for SEPP no.9
David Trezeguet shot by Jonas Unger for SEPP no.9

The unofficial football capital of France is actually in Italy. And it’s called Torino. Torino is where Michel Platini achieved greatness in the 80’s and won three Ballons d’Or. It’s where Zidane came in the 90’s to hone his meneur de jeu qualities and it’s where a certain Paul Pogba and his outrageous haircuts is the future of French football. The first two won the European Cup/Champions League with Juve, and the third played in a final for Juventus.

David showed SEPP around his adopted hometown Turin with, of course, a football close by

But no Frenchman stayed longer than David Trezeguet who was the match winner the last time France won the EURO in 2000 when the tournament was held in Holland and Belgium scoring the winning goal in overtime. He is also the best foreign scorer of La Juve — scoring an impressive 138 goals in 245 games. So, it comes as no surprise that this good-looking 38-year-old was also chosen by UEFA to be the EURO 2016 ambassador who will announce the Man of the Match Award.

Always stylish: Trezegoal!

And the ambassador title seems to grow upon the Juventus Legends team manager: David Trezeguet has been chosen by the Italian fashion house Trussardi to be their new brand ambassador. Trezeguet perfectly incarnates the brand´s values: passion, a dynamic spirit, determination, dedication and understated elegance, as stated from the press release. We are looking forward to seeing more of Trezeguet on all official occasions, dressed head-to-toe in nothing but Trussardi.

Trezeguet at the Euro UEFA 2016 finale
Trezeguet at the Euro UEFA 2016 finale wearing Trussardi