Thom Browne gives FC Barcelona a makeover

Spanish Football Club FC Barcelona might have become even more fashionable due to its partnership with luxury brand Thom Browne

When it comes to football, we know it’s all about technique and talent but still we care about the looks as well if we are perfectly honest. Especially, when two big players like FC Barcelona and Thom Browne come together and combine the fields of football and fashion. The luxury brand from New York just announced the parthership and will provide the team’s off-field tailored and formalwear uniforms for a span of three years beginning this upcoming season.

According to the designer himself, the uniforms not only represent the confidence in showing true individuality but also enforce the meaning of representing a team as one strong unit. Of course, with players like Luis Suárez, Piqué and Messi, we can totally agree on the individuality part – who would have thought that Thom Browne and Barça would be such a great match?