Simple. Sensual. Sander.

Lucie and Luke Meier approach to the DNA of Jil Sander

It’s simple. Jil Sander is a big brand. Thanks to the founder’s singular approach to fashion. Frau Sander was/has been obsessed with fabrics, silhouettes and centimeters. She created the wardrobe for women who were good at their job, just like her, and didn’t care what men thought about them. A very German and very Hamburg attitude. When she left, many designers tried to make the label relevant again and failed more or less. In fact, the brand was in danger to become obsolete. Then Lucie and Luke Meier took on the design challenge by transforming the DNA of Jil Sander. They imbue the rigid lines with feelings making it the most talked about label in fashion right now. To add our Achtung Mode twist, we sent a big box with selected pieces of their Spring collection to Moscow where our sensitive fashion director Natasha Goldenberg and photographer Eugene Shishkin interpreted their clothes as a great stage play for Achtung Mode No. 37. Plus, we asked the Meiers three simple questions.

Galina: Boxy brown jacket and voluminous pants. Alesha: Collared blue tunic, matching high-waisted pants and geometric gold brass necklace.
Left: Beige working shirt and light blue high-waisted pants. Right: Black sleeveless top, matching pants and round gold brass earrings.

What was Jil Sander?

Luke Meier: I think at the time something very singular. Very powerful.
Lucie Meier: A way of dressing, a soulful uniform, and essential.
Luke: The look was like a sharp knife that can cut everything.
Lucie: My mother was a Jil Sander fan shopping in Milan and London. I would steal pieces from her.

Left: Knitted tank top, collared blue tunic, light yellow knee-length skirt and round gold brass earrings. Right: Boxy brown workwear jacket, beige linen shirt, brown plissé wool skirt and blue oversized leather shopper.

What is Jil Sander?

Lucie: Something very personal. We share the founder’s values.
Luke: People talk about lifestyle brands all the time. But Jil Sander has always been one. It’s a pleasure to work somewhere where you are guided by this idea. For us, it means no compromises. We are in the fortunate position to create inside which represents the outside to us. 

White cocoon shaped dress, small silver hoop earrings and small blue leather wallet.

What is the future of Jil Sander?

Luke: To have people really understand the essence of our work.
Lucie: To inspire people.
Luke: We would love to continue collaborating with people like architect John Pawson. The approach of the brand lends itself to many things outside clothing. Our goal is to create an intersection between practicality and beauty whether it’s creating a store, a shoe or a coat. It’s the same. Less but better. 

Left: Beige linen shirt and brown plissé wool skirt. Right: Loose-fitting white dress and white leather mini bag.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Eugene Shishkin 
STYLING: Natasha Goldenberg
MODELS: Galina Smirnskaya, Ulya True, Alesha Kovaleva
PRODUCTION: Lisa Loskutova / TAYAT
HAIR: Konstantin Kochegov 
MAKE UP: Katerina Gorelova
STYLING ASSISTANCE: Mariya Lavrinenko / Visible