Seoul Fashion Week Coverage Part Three

This is one of the new fashion capitals in the world. Here are three things you need to know about its magnificent street style scene.

It’s rare for fashion folks like us to be impressed. New York, London, Milan and Paris twice a year for women’s shows, the men’s and Haute Couture in January and June — this is already a rather full schedule and being part of it makes one think to have seen it all. But every so often, the foreign trip to a resort or cruise collection or new fashion week brings along a whole new feeling or experience. Crucial to a fashion creature’s existence. So we were really overwhelmed when we arrived at Seoul Fashion Week’s key venue DDP and saw hundreds of kids outside all decked out in super cool clothes and equipped with the right attitude to show it off.

Denim overall and two coat layering, wow! Seoul Fashion Week
Denim overall and two coat layering, wow!

Really good and original street fashion not just the “ I was given a nice outfit for the day and I am here to show it off to make some money” looks we’ve grown accustomed to see. Most impressive was the demographic as everyone was really young, in their teens or early twenties. We have come away with a few conclusions from this trip about what makes street style in Seoul.

Yes, a bit too much but adorable attitude and look at Seoul Fashion Week
Yes, a bit too much but adorable attitude and look

The photographers look nearly better than the street stylers

What’s always nice about traveling in Asia: People are really polite. No shoving and pushing at the airport bus, everyone getting in line, friendly bus and cab drivers. Even the street style photographers who get themselves in a frenzy in Paris to shoot a poor model walking out from the backstage, here the lens men are polite and immaculately dressed. From the garish in acid colors to the classic in double-breasted suit, all street shutterbugs were gentlemen in a way.

Seoul Fashion Week
Just look at this guy: so polite and elegant but still pursuing the most “difficult” assignment in the world

It’s all about the men

During Seoul Fashion Week there is a lot more women’s than men’s wear so the models are automatically the stars. Any female model who exits a show even in the plainest clothes is followed by a throng of photographers.

This guy was just amazing at Seoul Fashion Week
This guy was just amazing

But Achtung Digital really was digging all the men we saw, non-models, just young dudes dressed up. British country gentleman wannabes, Armani in the 80’s round glasses dudes or Ray Petri Buffalo Style teams.

Did they just watch a Nick Kamen video? Seoul Fashion Week
Did they just watch a Nick Kamen video?

And of course, men love a good tattoo in Seoul. It’s a badge of honor here as much as in Los Angeles and New York. And again, we saw this guy who just killed it.

Sorry, I am on the phone but still want to be photographed at Seoul Fashion Week
Sorry, I am on the phone but still want to be photographed

Women dress for Tarantino castings

Women’s clothes were not that exciting as all the girls who drew all the attention were mostly real models who just walked out of a show.

Three casual girls after a show at Seoul Fashion Week
Three casual girls after a show

But then we saw a good share of girls who dressed as if they wanted to be cast in a new Tarantino movie. And that’s when it worked.

Seoul Fashion Week
Hi Quentin!