Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 2016

Paint-splattered elegance

Movie stars were thin on the ground in Milan this weekend, but Salvatore Ferragamo feted its new face Ethan Peck, the chiseled jawed grandson of the great Gregory.

“It’s my first time in Italy and I am loving every minute; and to be working with a classy brand like Ferragamo is a real pleasure. I cannot wait to get to Florence,” said Peck, who has just shot a new pilot with Fox. His next movie, a paranormal tale called The Curse of the Sleeping Beauty comes out this spring.

Peck at dinner with us Salvatore Ferragamo
Peck at dinner with us

Once upon a time, the entire fashion industry used to wear black; this Sunday in Milan with the icy sun casting a chilly hand throughout each piazza, the fashion regiments were a burst of color. None more so that at Salvatore Ferragamo.

Classic suit, colorful sweater Salvatore Ferragamo
Classic suit, colorful sweater

This was very much an arty new take by designer Massimiliano Giornetti, where the ghost of Andy Warhol crept through an elegant and colorful show.

His entire cast appeared in charmingly paint-splattered brogues, with daubs across their heels, and their interiors lined with fur.

“Signor Ferragamo actually made very few shoes for men, mostly just family members. But I loved the very simplicity of the line and shape of this shoe and that was the starting point of the collection,” smiled Giornetti, crisply attired in a double-breasted suit and glistening crocodile loafers. Worn – despite the icy Alpine winds – without socks.

An inventive tailor, Giornetti also sent out smartly new double-breasted jackets – honed close to the body and made with just two buttons. And to go with his Warhol-influenced wardrobe he sent out a series of floating silk and nylon parkas, all delightfully conspicuous. Warhol has always been a much loved figure in Italy, precisely because he illustrated what is historically the peninsula’s greatest gift to accessories – a great pair of shoes. And few brands stand for footwear more than Salvatore Ferragamo.

Understated elegance at Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo
Understated elegance at Ferragamo