When Gaia Repossi thinks about Normandy

Her latest Antifer collection features new additions to this established line

It is easy to understand the appeal of Repossi, the brand that is identifying a gap in the market that no other jewelry house seems to be filling: well designed, simple pieces of jewelry from a woman for women.

Le Cap D’Antifer lends its name to a collection of original pieces, the jagged edges of the cliffs replicated by stacking the Off-Width rings. The harsh terrain in northern France that inspired artists like Monet during the impressionist movement have been re-interpreted by Repossi into a collection of earrings, rings and necklaces.

Etretat, le cap d’Antifer by Claude Monet

Much like fine jewelry, on the surface nature is breathtaking and beautiful but underneath there is technical design that few really understand. The simplicity is what makes it spectacular, it applies back to the age old saying “less is more”, and this is where Repossi nails her Antifer collection.

This naturalism is often lacking in the luxury market, where the number of diamonds seems to merit a high price tag rather than genuinely good design and craftsmanship. The minimal clean look that has been emerging in response to the no-limits-I-will-wear-anything-for-an-instagram-like fashion can be reflected in Repossi’s designs.


Photography by Jeremy Everett

Text by Siân Hughes