Ralph Lauren Purple Label S/S 2016

East Coast chic takes over Portofino

No house stages as plush a presentation in Milan, as the ultimate home of Wasps, Ralph Lauren. Presented in their Italian headquarters – a charming Rationalist era villa re-imagined with hints of Scottish baronial – we witnessed a classic statement of haute gamme elegance, with the odd tweak and twist. From the 1930’s Miami millionaire in double-breasted silk suits getting his winnings at the racetrack to the private banker celebrating his latest M&A bonus in impeccable cashmere suits, all made of fabrics that caressed the hand and soul.

Add in some high-tech biker looks in strictest nylon, before this smooth tour of Ralph’s world ended with a score of his chiseled jawed models leaning over the balustrade of the marble staircase. This must be as patrician as it gets – albeit an elite that will be wearing black denim tuxedos next spring. To add a dash of color, Lauren gave a nod to Portofino when he included sorbet colors like orange, canary yellow and lime to his more relaxed line-up of promenade playboys.

Aptly, Ralph will soon open a Polo flagship in Rome, the home of the world’s best expresso in Sant’Eustachio – smart move for Signor Lauren who plans to send a barista truck throughout Europe to underscore his new coffee obsession. Enjoy your Lauren Lattes.