Paul Smith F/W 2016

Sir Paul Smith still rules

Talk about a very Paul Smith Paul Smith collection. A great close encounter of Brit’ eccentricity; wacky hair; bold casting and a lot of very at ease in your own skin top coats. Many of the latter finished with broad vertical stripes giving lots of kick to woolen overcoats – in same primary colors and palette seen on the seven-stripe invite. Bold oranges, Galway blazers in green, Aegean blue and Dorset brown.

Woolen overcoat with stripe in Primary color
Woolen overcoat with a stripe in bright orange

“A multi-ethnic cast, and lots of British style,” smiled fashion’s favorite knight after the show in Bourse de Commerce.

Paired with jeans embroidered with winter roses or long knit waistcoats this was a snappy and smart collection. Cut forgivingly the score of coats were all great looks, and true expressions of Sir Paul’s ability to understand his consumer and fans so well. Smith invented the global market for the hipster English gent and no one will ever take that category away from him. Staged underneath a massive neo-classical fresco, Smith took his classical tour around with cast, the soundtrack playing You Pretty Things by David Bowie, a homage perfectly right given Smith’s roots and respect to the great artists who sadly quit off this month. Post-show he posted an image of Bowie in a great Donegal three piece he made for the Thin White in all his golden glory. We will not see his like again.

Patterned knit waistcoat
Patterned knit waistcoat