Paris Women’s Fashion Week F/W 2019 Part 2: LVMH Prize Shortlist

We must confess, we are not necessarily fans of young designer awards at Achtung Mode. Too often the talent scouting is generally in favor of the sponsor; especially so in Berlin where there is a tragic history culminating in beer brand Beck’s having a fashion prize. Imagine, Beck’s and fashion, what a nightmare. The good competitions we know: Hyères and Andam and then there is a lot more: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talents, International Woolmark Prize, OTB Award and so on. Too often students and their master projects get into a state of wrong euphoria because of the nomination and the second the prize attention has worn off, they are left to their own devices. So, yes there are too many of them. Plus, the new big one. The LVMH Prize as conceived by Delphine Arnault in its sixth edition.

But LVMH carefully studied all those concerns before starting the prize and has set up a successful mentorship program for the winners. This sets this prize apart from all the rest. Plus a high-class jury including all the stable’s big designers which whom the nominees get to rub shoulders. But Rokh in 2018 and Marine Serre in 2017 are good examples of past winners who have turned into bona fide newcomers with a business plan. Also, our favorite fashion moment in London from Grace Wales Bonner who garnered the prize in 2016.

Our market director Evelyn Tye undertook a huge project yesterday. She passed by each booth – all 20 of them – and photographed the designers and models. Then she asked them the one question we feel is most relevant in this particularly exciting moment of their lives being on the shortlist:

How would you describe your current momentum in one word?

Voilà, check out the slide show (click on the image) and some of their very interesting answers.