Pal Zileri S/S 2016

Pal Zileri’s Carrousel of Style

Before revolving mirrors, LED screens and panels with circuit-board patterns, the models were almost ejected onto the catwalk at Pal Zileri. And not just any catwalk but a moving carrousel, in a high-tech themed show by this house. Under the fresh direction of Mauro Ravizza, Pal Zileri has taken a bold step into our technological era.

The designer took the circuit board patterns into fabrics with punchy graphic shirts and techy jacquards that made for some strong statement suits.  Ravizza is a talented cutter, whose long lapel, barely crossed over double-breasted suits had real distinction. More and more the established suit manufacturers are hitting the runway to leave a mark and bring their brands to a younger audience.  One needs a little entrepreneurial gumption to attempt that strategy, another reason to applaud this smart departure by Pal Zileri.

Though quite why the audience was forced to brush aside a hanging cloud ropes perched five feet above the ground just to enter the show, well, no one could remotely fathom.