This season Andrea Rosso presented his first full scale collection

Myar F/W 2017

Andrea Rosso presents army clothes with a street spin for his fashion project Myar during Men's Fashion Week in Milan

Take apart the word army and you get Myar, the fashion project of Andrea Rosso, one of Renzo’s sons, Italian fashion’s indy empire star. Fashion and fabric is in their blood so no wonder Andrea – a mechanically leaning fellow with a weakness for machine guns and weapons – got himself onto the Milan men’s calendar, with a display showing his love of vintage military clothing.

Rosso presented fatigued T-Shirts and out-rider baggy pants with machine shaped pockets

He began Myar with collections that took apart vintage pieces from different world wars and sewed them back together, injecting a very now street vibe. This season he presented his first full scale collection. But again, army details guide his design principles. Among his best elements was a long camel coat with the lowest button on the side of the hip so walking is easier. In World War One soldiers had the habit of doing that during long marches to avoid scuffing the skin of their legs. Fatigued T-Shirts and out-rider baggy pants with machine shaped pocket tabs were also cool. Voila, with beautiful fabrication and an intellectual spine, this could be a new contemporary voice from Milan.