My Name is Gia Coppola Part 1

Gia Coppola was brave enough to endure a week with our photographer. The pictures speak for themselves. Let’s call it docu-fashion. And it only get’s better.

Spending real time with real people is what Achtung is about. Our recent AD feature Freiheit von der Freiheit, where we met up with artist and model Anna Kuen in her Berlin studio is a perfect example. What started as a fashion shoot turned into an in-depth character study in four parts – full of Anna.

Just like what we’ve been doing with our print column Frauenzimmer, portraying women and their personalities at their homes. We are currently reloading past Frauenzimmer from our archives on AD.

Our editorial team has been working closely with Mytheresa, producing a magazine called The Album for them. In print, following the same philosophy – getting personal with interesting women. Now, four issues into The Album, we decided it’s time for us to invite you over to see those stories. Perfect August beach browsing! Of course, our scope is more international here. So first up was filmmaker Gia Coppola. Photographer Jonas Unger shot her in her Hollywood home, Venice Beach, a bowling arcade, her Tesla and some. Here she is, Gia Coppola: up close and personal.


TALENT: Gia Coppola

STYLING: Markus Ebner

Photographed in spring 2018 around Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

This editorial appeared first in Mytheresa’s The Album Nr. 1 in 2018.