MSGM F/W 2016

The Broken Sweater Society

MSGM is the one young designer brand from Italy which can truly be judged an aesthetic and commercial hit. Designer Massimo Giorgetti is not yet 40, yet has managed to build a serious business with his club culture driven label MSGM. Like many Italian runway brands, MSGM stands for color, irreverence and fun sportswear. But in Giorgetti’s able hands these clothes become more than a fiera brand, they become cool clothes for fashioniastas desirous of edge and unpredictability all over the globe.

The ripped sweaters will be worn by fashionistas around the globe next season

In his latest menswear show, MSGM focused on that classic Italian staple, knitwear. Let’s not forget, Benetton built a giant business in the 80’s just by making colorful sweaters. Giorgetti’s MSGM is always brimming with colors and witty prints. This time he pushed his manufactures to the limit by asking for perforated sweaters; all unfinished at the seams and hems which made for a cool look.

Bright furry coat

To show that his brand is growing up, he also sent out a series of beautifully cut coats in blues and orange, which belong to the streets of any major capital in the world. Summed up in one phrase, this guy is on a roll.