MCM Beijing Fashion Week S/S 2015

MCM connects diamond shaped fashion and architecture

Beijing is all about its breath-taking architecture. Forget about spending much time in this city sightseeing as you will certainly be locked down by a traffic jam. Rem Koolhaas’ tower for the Chinese Television network (CCTV) is not only world famous but also spectacular in live. Germany’s old school luggage brand MCM which was started in they heyday of Munich’s “Schickeria” is a big success story in Asia having reached 600 Million Dollars in sales; which is rather big and impressive. Hence, Achtung Online has a natural editorial interest in the German heritage brand and we accepted an invitation to come to China for the event. Most of MCM sales are in Asia so no wonder the brand chose Beijing fashion week for a major runway outing.

The show was cleverly staged in another piece of tremendous Beijing architecure, the headquarter of China’s biggest private broadcaster Phoenix TV. The steel webbing which makes the unusual swooping shape possible, is arranged in what looks like a pattern of diamonds. It seems that’s where the MCM design team around creative advisor Kenny Kim took its cues to come up with a modern and strong collection of sportswear. MCM showed men’s and women’s and in a way it was refreshing to see a lightness in bags and accessories as the brand clearly wanted to put the spotlight on the clothes and not bags, after all it’s fashion week. Mostly in white, the seams and lines of the blousons and jackets displayed a diamond pattern or had them printed on in 3D patterns. With a recent Munich store opening and more plans to celebrate the Munich brand’s 40th anniversary in 2016, we’re curious to see what’s next.