Desiguals new Capsule Collection: Yestalgic, La Energy. The epitome of youth.

Liberté, Fraternité, Desigualité

Desigual gave two creatives the freedom to explore their ideas of what it means to be young in this day and age. Their research turned into a capsule collection called “Yestalgic, La Energy“.

What happens if you give a pair of young designers access to the fashion archive of a huge clothing company? – Yes, a revolution!

Desigual appointed 2 designers for a new capsule collection and enabled them to delve into the creative scene of Barcelona. The Project “Yestalgic: Past meets present meets future“ is about capturing the essence of youth and what comes along with it. It’s about color and it’s about love. Optimism and fun.

Dancer and performer Candela Capitan x Yestalgic, La Energy DESIGUAL

Cuban-rooted Rubén Zamora-Vargas and Giulia Venier from Italy came together to give Desigual a detox-treatment full of fresh ideas, naive youthfulness and lots of adolescent sentiment. The outcome? A wide range of garments forming the ultimate wardrobe for the cool girl, or guy, or everybody, next door. Clean cuts and silhouettes clashing with vibrant colors and textures, whilst still maintaining the essence of Desigualité, just mixed with a little, or rather a lot, of 2019 zeitgeist. In true throwback fashion, the collection was presented in form of a 60ish page long book. Showing, needless to say, the garments, but moreover, portraying the people who wear them. Barcelonian creatives that is, all getting together to form a lookbook downright dripping of youthful energy. 

Writer and model for this book: Alejandra Smits. Pullover and pants DESIGUAL

This collection is yet again another testimony to younger generations wanting to go back in time when everything was supposedly better. When no president had childish bickers over social media, or the planet as we know it was in danger. It’s about that specific feeling of being young and able to achieve anything in a place where nobody, but at the same time everybody knows you; Yestalgic. 

Lastly, to quote Margaret Mead, the mother of all hippies: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.“ Certainly a mantra for this collection, no?

Musician Kai Landre wearing DESIGUAL