Parc des Princesses

Europe´s Top Ten designers have their ideas for the Euro 2016. Shop the exclusive #YOOXSOCCERCOUTURE collection now at!

SEPP called up a Top Ten team of some of Europe’s best fashion designers to custom-make ideal tops to be worn for this summer’s games. Our winning squad of sweat and T-shirts will all be available on the world’s biggest fashion website, the project name being #YOOXSOCCERCOUTURE. A trio of soccer sirens try out the collection inside Paris’ legendary stadium, renamed for the day, Le Parc des Princesses.

Get ready for the EURO 2016 games and shop the exclusive collaboration collection: 


Yoox’s merger with Net-a-Porter last year — made YNAP the internet’s biggest luxury provider. And Yoox keeps spreading its wings. Last month in Los Angeles, Emily Ratajkowski celebrated Rosario Dawson’s studio 189 fashion line at a Yoox party. A day later, Yoox founder Federico Marchetti, was hanging with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings; and snapping a “once in a lifetime selfie” with Bill Gates, in the Microsoft man’s mansion.

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