Kiton S/S 2016

The shoulders of Napoli

The ancient Romans made Naples their playground and imperial headquarters, making everywhere from the volcano of Vesuvius to the magical island of Capri a unique area of style. That love of truly unique quality lives at Kiton, a house that has few rivals when it comes to sartorial excellence.

This season, Kiton’s selection of opulent cashmere suits was a pleasure for the eyes. Made in bold plaids – or what the Italian still charmingly term Scozzese – and cut with movie star shoulders they managed to be both gentlemanly yet bold.

Historically a tailoring based business, Kiton has branched into footwear with authority – most notably with burnished leather monks and a series of  terrific sandals. And even here the sneaker has arrived which is combined with elegant suits.

Since buying the old Ferre headquarter and showing during the Milan season the brand is indicating its ambitious plans of growth for the future.