Hogan S/S 2016

When Tommy Nutter goes to the Danceteria

Hogan designer Simon Holloway has found a nice groove. They have always liked Britishness in Italian fashion so the fact that Holloway is a Brit – a London resident who lived a bit in New York in the 90’s – makes him the perfect man to do Hogan. This season he went for a collision of punk, disco, rap and rock. If this sounds complicated it nonetheless worked because Holloway anchored the tailoring on a Tommy Nutter Savile Row-inspired long and lean silhouette, and that tailor’s fantasy colors. So, there were safety pins, which came from a Joan Jett photo to camouflage and graffiti splattered clothes all making for a good urban uniform. This season the Hogan sneaker is modernized with holographic prints. Simon projected them on a huge wall behind his cast. Punk meeting disco, rap rifling into cool Italian fashion.