Hogan F/W 16

Casual meets luxury

Casual meets luxury is the slogan of the new Hogan men’s collection. This pioneering sneaker brand is smartly staying ahead of the curve in a market where literally every high-fashion brand now sells sneakers. Let’s not forget, decades before Hedi Slimane and Dior Homme made sneakers and a suit into a mainstream silhouette, Hogan has been doing its sneaker and suit thing since 1986. It still sells an incredible one million pairs of sneakers in Italy alone per year. After Simon Holloway’s departure at Hogan, the brand is without creative director but very cerebral general manager Riccardo Sciutto has focused his offerings on new superlight and silver Hogan sneakers combined with tuxedos for evening and shimmery silver metal leather coats for urban outings. All these shoes will be delivered by April, since Sciutto reckons the delivery of fashion has to change due the sheer spontaneity of the Internet.