Gold Digger

Kanye West, Renaissance and Dortmund: The life of up and coming fashion photographer Debora Brune

She’s only 21, but Debora Brune is starting to make impressions in her local fashion photography world. With a cool 13k followers under her belt and an expressive portfolio, this university student leaves a lot to be desired by photographers twice her age. Achtung Digital sat down with her to find out how someone from Dortmund, not exactly famed for its high-fashion but more its football team, managed to break into this world and do so successfully. Read on to find out more about how she’s making it and her unusual inspiration behind the Gold Digger shoot. By regularly showing portfolios from talent all across the German-speaking land (yes, young Swiss and Austrians, hit us up with our work), we want to illustrate how deeply fashion has penetrated the fibre of German youth culture.

What was your initial draw to fashion?

When I was a kid I was obsessed with this trashy TV show, Germany’s Next Top Model. I was always so inspired by the photo-shoots, I was about 14 or 15 years’ old when I realized I wanted to become a photographer! I would do little shoots with my friends and then I went on to study photography at university, which I’m in my final year for. I just always had a love of fashion but had no idea how to get into it so I just went to school… It paid off!

Tips for aspiring photographers hoping to break into the scene?

Get on Instagram and follow a lot of magazines and photographers to see their work. I think at the beginning you have to grab a camera and copy stuff, try to recreate the light or mood of your favorite photos, and really play around with your camera. At some point you just start to develop your own style.

“At the beginning you have to grab a camera and copy stuff, try to recreate the light or mood of your favorite photos”

What is a typical day in Dortmund?

Mostly going to university, it is a great place to be creative as it’s so small. You’re surrounded by a lot of other artistic students which means you can work on projects and just have fun! There aren’t many limitations on our creativity and there are photographers, designers, artists all mixed together. Sadly, it isn’t the best nightlife, but we have so many students, it’s chill.

And plans for the future?

I’m not sure yet, I think I will move to Hamburg or Berlin because that’s where all the stylists are. I love Dortmund but I think I’m starting to out grow it a little now, I’m ready to move on now, maybe even to Paris? There isn’t so much fashion here, everyone wears Vans and hoodies, not that there is anything wrong with that of course!

“I was partying in Florence (Italy) when Gold Digger by Kanye West came on”

Finally, what was the story behind the shoot?

I was partying in Florence (Italy) when Gold Digger by Kanye West came on, you know it? I forgot how good it was and I got inspired. I spent most of my time, when not partying, in the galleries and museums around Florence, so I wanted to make a shoot that has the contrast of renaissance art and Kanye, and I think you can really see that with the shoot. We had such a good time shooting too, that always comes across in the final pictures.

STYLING Jenny Gold
PROPSTYLING Alexander Wertkind
Hair, Make-up: Sonia Tamburo using MAC Cosmetics and Bumble & Bumble
Model: Marie / MIRRRS
Assistant: Jost Schowe