Freiheit von der Freiheit Part 3

How free is fashion? Together with model Anna Kuen and photographer Sigrid Reinichs we brought fashion and art together in an editorial and came across one: die Freiheit von der Freiheit.

The creation of our fashion editorial “Freiheit von der Freiheit” proves it once again: German fashion is a small world. While we were standing in Saskia Diez’s kitchen for our Leibgericht column last year, we could see that her favorite dish is as ingeniously simple as her jewelry: yes, noodles with boiled onions.

The jewelry and the maker herself have long been part of our Achtung history. And she introduced us to Munich-based photographer Sigrid Reinichs during the Leibgericht. Naturally, we embraced a photo series suggested by Reinichs – with whom we created a completely new kind of subversive sex shooting with model Eniko Mihalik in Budapest in our last issue – and Diez model Anna Kuen.

So it happened that the three women from Munich traveled to Berlin to capture great fashion moments with simple pieces of jewelry with Anna exclusively for Achtung Digital.

Saskia Diez (left) and Anna Kuen (right) in Anna’s studio in Berlin-Weißensee.

(Click on the gallery to zoom in the images and read the captions)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sigrid Reinichs

MODEL: Anna Kuen / Selective Management 

STYLING ASSISTANCE: Carmen Maiwald, Sophia Schünemann

Photographed on June 27th in Berlin-Weißensee.