Fendi oder die Umwertung aller Werte

Fendi is on a roll. The brand sees explosive growth and is putting serious markers on the fashion design scape

Rome is the new fashion capital. Why? The design studio of Alessandro Michele at Gucci is there, same for Valentino’s design team led by Pierpaolo Piccioli and of course the original Romans of the Fendi gang.

When you celebrate a 90th anniversary with a show on the Fontana di Trevi and you have kept your designer for 50 years and you have turned a spooky vacant neoclassical shrine into fashion central, then we need to have a closer look.

We sent our photographer Ralph Mecke and our style council Eckhart Nickel for a special report on the festivities to the eternal city: Fendi Fantastico! See the full story in our brand new September issue.