Emporio Armani S/S 2017

Giorgio wants Britain to stay in Europe

The legendary Italian designer Giorgio Armani has called on Britons to vote to stay in Europe and reject Brexit. “I consider Britain to be very much part of Europe, so, of course, I want the United Kingdom to stay inside Europe,” said Armani, fresh from showing his latest Emporio Armani collection in Milan.

“Why do I want the British to stay? To my mind, this little island up north has always been very much part of Europe. We Italians have always considered England part of our world. It was the avant-garde of our youth. Carnaby Street was our avant-garde. It’s an essential part of our past, even of our nostalgia,” said the octogenarian designer, looking slim, tanned and spruce.

Urban voyageur chic

Working a common theme in this season’s collections, Armani showed urban voyageur chic at Emporio. England is generally not on his mind when looking for inspiration. Trim double-breasted jackets in silk jacquard, forgiving military pants cut off at the ankle; chunky, cut-out boots with the Emporio eagle motif and scores of backpacks. All ideal looks for weekend trips to foreign cities like London or Manchester to catch a game now that Mou and Pep made it in the Premier League capital. Armani boasts five stores in Greater London, and over a dozen boutiques in Great Britain. Almost exactly one decade ago, he staged an epic “One Night Only” show in London to support Bono’s RED project, probably the most star-studded runway soiree ever held by a single designer in the capital. Last week, the British Fashion Council announced that 90% of UK fashion designers are in favor of Remain. But Armani is by far the most senior figure to speak out against Brexit.

Silk jacquard jackets at Emporio Armani

“England has always represented something very much important to us. It’s the part of Europe that moves and develops. We live part of our lives through London. We admire its culture, its buildings, its extravagances, and how it provided a space for many people to express themselves. Thus, I very much hope it remains part of Europe,” concluded Armani.