Diego Day

Unbelievable but true! Hublot brought together old rivals Pele and Maradona to coach the watchmaker’s friendship exhibition game at the Palais Royal

I am still standing: Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele

Wow, Pele and Diego Maradona together on a football pitch. What seemed nearly impossible was made come true by Swiss super watch brand Hublot. Pele has had a history of belittling Maradona because at the end of the day, those two players have been battling it out for football’s greatest ever title for a long time now. And one is Brazilian and the other from Argentina. Enough said, pure rivalry forever.

Diego sharing his views with cool Rio Ferdinand

Yes, there are Messi and Ronaldo now but Pele and Maradona are on a different level. Pele has had a few health issues lately but he still came out strong on a sunny day in the Palais Royal in the heart of Paris. Thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Culture, Hublot was able to put up a temporary football pitch. Pele and Maradona each managed a team composed of former stars like Bebeto, Seedorf, Rio Ferdinand, Materazzi and goalie Dida. Also, one of the stars in our new issue of SEPP no.9, David Trezeguet was on the pitch scoring one goal after another.

The new SEPP issue no.9 held an honorary position on Diego’s chair

While Pele was the elder statesman of the event, Diego was the man of the moment. People cheered his name the whole time and in the second half he even went on the pitch to play for the team he was supposed to only coach. What a guy. Newly slim and fit – unlike the Maradona who made a cool cameo in the film Youth by Grande Bellezza director Paolo Sorrentino – Maradona clearly had fun and enjoyed the limelight talking to everyone. It was simply D-Day.

Once in Puma, always in Puma

But let’s talk about something else for a second. The brilliant brains behind this game: Looks like Hublot boss Ricardo Guadalupe has a better sixth sense about how to grow business than any other watchmaker CEO. Why? Because Hublot is the watch brand that has enjoyed phenomenal growth by embracing the football community which is the key here. In general, it is considered kind of not chic to cater to the football crowd but let us face it, most of the players now make so much money that they simply want to spend on status symbols. So while Balmain, Versace and Chanel are on top of the list for their wives, they love Hublot Uhren. The watchmaker has had such a crazy increase in turnover that they are on their way to make one billion dollars soon.

Yes, Diego can still shoot