Costume National F/W 2016

A New New Wave at Costume National

That’s what we call Ennio Capasa back to doing what he does best - Costume National riffing on its New Wave roots, Capasa sent out a strong and highly wearable collection designed for dudes who may never be able to play guitar but dream of being rock heroes. And properly tailored rock stars at that.

“I wanted to go back to my roots. Men want authentic fashion today,” explained a bearded Capasa after taking his bow.

This man is cool Costume National
This man is cool

Presented underneath the faded splendor of the Palazzo Reale, this collection had a proud Beggar’s Banquet aesthetic, though for a new, less wrecked generation. Partying in iridescent padded blousons; dancing in lime Green Bryan Ferry style crooner suits or just looking rocker minimal in strict double-breasted Bad Boy jackets.

Capasa knows how to use color Costume National
Capasa knows how to use color

Plus, Capasa vowed with his new Costume National turquoise – a dazzling hue that added the right kick to the somber palette. Finished with ribbon chokers, multi-zip leather biker blousons and some outstanding 1930s Oscar winner coats, this was the punchiest Costume show in many years. All of it stuffed full of fashion Grinta. That’s the Italian word for fighting spirit – which is the central core of this show.

Turquoise dude Costume National
Turquoise dude