Rapper Rejjie Snow in Paris.

Rejjie Snow and C.P. Company take on Paris

Irish born rapper Rejjie Snow recently established as one of the greater newcomers within the music scene. With C.P. Company he is now becoming fashion’s fair-haired boy too. Meet him in "Eyes on The City" and see Paris through the eyes of young creatives

When you think of Paris the first things coming to mind are the Eiffel Tower, broad streets with buildings in Art Nouveau architecture and long walks along the Seine, but as with clichés, they don’t reflect the whole truth. At the beginning of 2019 the yellow vests movement showed that Paris does not equal only the bourgeoisie.

In their new video, C.P. Company, with the help of musician Rejjie Snow, shows the rough side of Paris that is the reality to most of its citizens. Eyes on The City is a cultural project following an artist through his or her city showing parts that no tourist ever sees. In Paris, Rejjie Snow guides us through a city that is greyer and louder than most people would expect – but also incredibly creative.

Paris Mon Amour

With his debut album Dear Annie in 2018, Alex Anyaegbunam, alias Rejjie Snow, conquered the music industry in a flash. To tribute his success story, he teamed up with C.P. Company in February. The first video was Rejjie’s love letter to his home town Dublin. Now the musician and the production team met again in the French capital, the city where Rejjie discovered his passion for street art. “I’ve made some good friends here who really define the essence of the city and its culture,” he says.

After dedicating a whole album to his love to Paris and the French woman, the new video for C.P. Company is called Paris Mon Amour. “Parisian women are so strong and powerful. My first time there, I saw them painting graffiti, driving buses – leading, I guess, in ways I hadn’t encountered before,” Rejjie stresses.

“My main inspirations from Paris come from film and the art world” – Rejjie Snow

With Eyes on The City C.P. Company is connecting with its community by helping artists to kickstart their careers. The short films capture life in cities of the 21 century and the many diverse faces they can have.