Black Lives Matter

Robert Spangle and Achtung Digital have a longstanding relationship. He’s shot online editorials for us and has now contributed this sensational Zeitdokument exclusively for us from Los Angeles.

Streetstyle is fast, diverse and democratic. It’s not about who is invited to which show and who has what name. It’s about what people wear on the street: fashion. All over the world people are taking to the streets for democratic values and against racism. Streetstyle photographer Robert Spangle took a look at what people are wearing who are fighting for a better world. For us he has recorded his impressions:

“As long as Fashion is synonymous with the fashion industry it will be capable of obsolescence. But fashion as I have studied it, in the streets, is intrinsic and inherent to mankind. As immortal as the ideas of identity it represents. Industries can collapse or be destroyed, ideas may only be subverted.

The George Floyd protests that have spread across the United Sates have through circumstance created a unique field to study fashion’s role in society, and protest. After months of quarantine and civic orders to wear masks in public, the human face, the closest thing to individual identity and expression has been concealed for months. Clothing now takes a more central role in identity, expression, and in the kinetic environment of protest: protection, and political solidarity.

As debates over race and socio-economics rage across the US and much of the rest of the world, many ask what this better world we seek looks like. I think it looks a lot like fashion. A place where self-elected culture comprised of passions, hobbies and yes brands, forms an identity which supersedes dictated race, and nationality.”

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Robert Spangle

Photographed in LA on June 2020.