Bauhaus dances at Armani/Silos

With its 100th anniversary looming, Bauhaus is starting to pop up everywhere, even in an exhibition at Armani/Silos in Milan.

Photographer Sarah Moon is currently showing over 170 images from her collection to the public at Armani/Silos, the museum Giorgio built for himself to highlight his work and his passion for the oeuvre of others. Entitled “From one season to another”, the exhibition focuses on Moon’s signature abstract style of fashion photography spanning four decades from the mid-seventies to 2018.

Moon is not much exhibited in Italy to date but her dreamy, personal album style photography is loved by the fashion industry and Mr. Armani. Curated by Moon herself, the range delves deep into her archives to show not only fashion images but also lesser-known still lifes of animals, flowers and industrial architecture.

(Left to right) La robe à pois, Le pavot and Coney Island by Sarah Moon

The special highlight is a nod to the anniversary of the Bauhaus, the famous Weimar/Dessau design school, which is also deeply engrained in Giorgio Armani’s output. For the very first time a series of Oskar Schlemmer’s iconic Bauhaus dance images are shown there. Or better Moon’s irreverent interpretation of them.

Fashion editorial at L’Esprit du Bauhaus exhibition at the musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris
Photography by Alexey Kiselev and styling by Markus Ebner exclusively for Achtung Mode Nr. 33

“I chose to expose a mix of abstract fashion images and lesser known photographs. I thank Giorgio Armani for his invitation and the freedom he gave me in this exhibition. I have always appreciated his timeless Couture. We both enjoy the challenge of doing more, with less, and of working with or without color,” says Moon who grew up in England and France.

After first working as a model, she took up photography in 1968, adopting the artist name Sarah Moon. Her painterly approach to fashion images has made her an important voice in the generally male dominated world of fashion photography, at least that was the case in the 70’s when she started.

Sarah Moon

“Timelessness and elegance: this is what fascinates me about the work of Sarah Moon. We are kindred spirits and I have had the pleasure of working with her, discovering a mutual proclivity for simplicity that gets the strongest effect. I am proud of hosting Sarah Moon’s exhibition at Armani/Silos: her images dialogue wonderfully with the raw solidity of the space,” rounds up Giorgio Armani.


Sarah Moon
From one season to another
Til January 6th, 2019

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