Andrea Incontri S/S 2016

Rainy weather tailoring

You can tell when a collection is in the right zone, when the designer looks great in one of his latest looks. Case in point, the excellent micro-nylon blazer with poplin lining worn by the ever-courteous Andrea Incontri. A jacket so light, he carefully folded it up into a small rectangle; smaller than many of the invitations we received in Milan. Impeccably cut, and in just the right faded Pacific blue, it was one of many cool, plausible and highly wearable ideas from the Mantua-born designer in his spring 2016 collection.

Presented in an historic private palazzo on via Modrone, the presentation also included super new leaf prints in Pop Art colors, firemen style coats with toggles and some stylish new ergonomic sneakers with high-tech nautical clasps. Incontri’s focus was on outerwear specifically rain protection and it would have come in handy to have his collection right way since it was pouring rain in Expo Milan yesterday.