Albert Kriemler and his ballet experience

Akris Designer Albert Kriemler staged the fourth edition of the John Neumeier ballet Turangalila in Hamburg

Remember the song from the Twins Ballet Dancer? Early German new wave electro about ballet dancers. It came to mind when Albert Kriemler staged the fourth edition of the John Neumeier ballet Turangalila in Hamburg last Saturday. While the performance is a mind-blowing ballet, it is also about Kriemler’s modern costumes

At Achtung Mode, we follow the work of Albert Kriemler at Akris very closely. Why? Apart from Karl Lagerfeld, he is the only German-speaking designer of relevance in 2016 who puts on a catwalk show and draws an international crowd.

Albert and part of his ballet dancer cast after the performance

He loves to collaborate with artists and for his latest show in New York he rediscovered the 101-year-old artist Carmen Herrera for using her paintings as a reference point. Why ? He had fallen in love with her 1959 painting Blanco y Verde at the new Whitney’s inaugural exhibition last year. Classic Kriemler MO. But now he adds a new layer: The ballet.

Neumeier and Kriemler prepping

In fact, his costumes for Turangalila were his third experience. But never had Kriemler worked with someone as radical and demanding as choreographer Neumeier.

John Neumeier, a 80+ trailblazer in modern ballet who asked Kriemler to come on board was put in the permanent portrait collection of the Hamburgische Staatsoper that evening

When Akris used to stand for clothes that enforced the spine, like good outfits for important politicians, now Kriemler works the motion. He and Neumeier connected and Kriemler used his traditional Italian and Swiss fabrics with a big difference: here they need to adjust to heavily sweating top athlete bodies.

Akris in motion

The result: Unexpected design heights from a culture and art obsessed but humble designer.

Two of the dancers, a couple in real life. He hails from Russia, she from Latvia