Agi&Sam F/W 2015

How a toy story makes for a great fashion show

Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton, two young designers from Yorkshire and Stratford-upon-Avon form the formidable duo of Agi&Sam. This is my first London men’s season and theirs was the show I really wanted to see. In a way, it summed up all that British Fashion Council’s London season stands for: Fun in fashion, color and a knack for tailoring. Who else would go to a Toys “R” Us store and do research in the Lego department? Fashion often becomes a little bit too serious so it’s refreshing to see that London is injecting a new sense of humour and giving birth to playful new fashion names. At the forefront will be these two designers who are no slouches in the tailoring department either. The designers had Velcro-strapped one shoulder coats and jackets which showed off their understanding of a pattern. The rest of the show was based on a soft, off-the body silhouette which shows that sportswear is on young men’s mind more than ever.