Achtung Schönheit

When traditional clothing inspires skin care. Skimono is a new beauty brand which looks at the Kimono to explore the layers of the body’s skin

Beauty is only skin deep. That’s a fact of life. And that our skin is made of many layers which run deep is another one.

It’s always best to test-drive new beauty products and see what they are really worth. So here I am as Achtung’s beauty director trying new creams, masks, scents, hair and makeup products and whatever else a Parisienne craves. Whatever catches my attention will be featured here. Voilà :

Coming from a blend of the words skin and kimono, the new brand Skimono wants to remind us that our skin is like a kimono, made of many layers. Created in 2015, the London-based brand stands out for its natural-derived bio-cellulose technology.

The brand’s goal is to protect the most delicates zones of our body, face, hands and feet – from the environment we’re exposed to such as stress, pollution, sun, tobacco and more.

Kimono inspired look from the Christian Dior Couture 2007 collection by John Galliano

I had the chance to try the “anti-ageing + one for the face” and the “total conditioning + for the feet”. So here is what I experienced.

Surprisingly, the face one did not slip but held onto my face. We all had bad experiences with sheets masks, I mean the ones were you need to lay down on your coach for 30 minutes, like a dead person fearing that otherwise it’ll end up on your neck or that the holes for the eyes were actually the ones for the mouth.

I could feel the nutriments of the product being literally drunk by my epidermis. A real sensation of feeling reborn, highly addictive. Your skin will appear fresher, healthier, and softer for the whole day. You can also use it before you make up as a foundation. It will embellish it and make it stay longer.

Lisa Arbellot de Repaire, Achtung’s Beauty Director

The second one, the foot mask, feels more strange as we are used to pedicures, foot creams, but not really masks.

You have to slip your clean and dry foot into a sort of bag filled with a serum, a hydrating formula that balances shea butter and olive oil and some more.

So after overcoming my skepticism – why a mask, and not cream – I let my feet disappear in those white plastic socks, making sure to seal the mask around the stickers tabs, and gently massage it over them as indicated on the notice.

And actually the first impression is quite pleasant, very cocooning. An immediate cooling sensation, due to the extract of tea tree and chamomile which refresh your soles.

After leaving it on for 30 minutes, my feet felt hydrated, pulpy and smooth again. Perfect for a big day on the town or after recovering from a dancing night.