Achtung Schönheit: A New Fragrance from Louis Vuitton called “Le Jour se leve.”

Looking for growth in non-leather categories, the biggest luxury house in the world is embracing scents. Our beauty director Lisa Arbellot opened up her nose.

So last Wednesday the 24th of January, I am en route to the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris to meet Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer for the launch of the house’s new perfume „Le Jour se leve“.

No need to say more about Louis Vuitton, famous all around the world for the finest leather goods and fashion. But let me introduce you to this guy, Mr. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud if you don’t know him already. To appreciate a perfume even more, you need to know its creator and his personal subtleties. Cavallier-Belletrud is what we call  a real artist. He is one of those rare people that when he speaks about his creations his eyes are shining and he is somewhere else. You could listen to him for hours because you can see his art is coming from the bottom of his heart. He is an inspiring person who loves what he does.

The Master Parfumer of Louis Vuitton: Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud

He is a perfumer obsessed with freshness. He was born and raised in Grasse, the capital of perfumes in the South of France. Located on the hills of the „ Alpes Maritimes“, he was since his childhood enveloped by the warmness of the climate, and the sea air coming from the Mediterranean coast.

Great son and son of perfumers, he grew up exhaling the finest and most delicates fragrances. His dad taught him everything about the family passion. And you can see it’s also running in his blood. Every perfume he makes is made with love, emotion and sensibility. As he said, he doesn’t see this like a job but more like a part of himself.

Pierre Cardin famously said one day : „Le luxe, c’est la rareté, la créativité, l’elegance“. And JCB has those three qualities: rarety, creativity and elegance.

It’s not unusual to see him in Louis Vuitton stores and taking time to explain to his clients the essence and the idea of his perfumes. This is real luxury. He is a generous and a passionate person.


After the success of the Seven fragrances launched in September 2016,  LV and its master perfumer took their time to now launch their new masterpiece “Le Jour se leve”. It was composed in their own ateliers „Les Fontaines Parfumées“ in the middle of Grasse.

Ingredients of success: mandarin, blackcurrant, jasmine, encens – no better scent to start the day!

And I tell you, it will capture you and the risk of addiction is high. If you have ever been to Provence and had the chance to wake up there, the scent will  transport you to this particular first smell in the morning. A mix of light, sea, sand and tree branches. The one which brings a smile on your face.

The perfume is coming back to you all day long in different facettes which is rare, and defines a fantastic perfume. So here is his secret in ingredients:

  • Mandarin, light of the morning

Mandarin from Sicilia, Calabria. Gorged by the sun. They have the crispiness of the lemon, its freshness, but also caught the floral aspect of the tree. It has a little bit of thyme flavor.

  • Blackcurrant, natural

Blackcurrant from Burgundy. It’s a region in France very famous for its blackcurrant. Combined with the fresh notes of mandarin, it gives a more fresh fruity perfume, and not so much floral.

  • Jasmine, sophistication

Jasmine sambac from China. For the touch of sun and elegance. It is the Jasmine who has the more Mediterranean smell.

  • Encens, meditation

For the touch of mystery. Combined with a chorus of musks. Just to reveal the characters of the other essences of the perfume.

Available on the 15th of March at select LV stores and at