Achtung Appetit

Das Food Fashion Magazin

Achtung Appetit has a very specific point of view: We only ask fashion photographers to shoot food for us, bringing a new esthetic dimension to the delicious matter, adding a certain texture to it. I have always believed that fashion designers and chefs are very similar. Just look at how they work. A piece of unusual fabric like tough neoprene is often what makes a designer’s imagination take off. The new Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is a stellar example for that singular approach to fashion design.

Same thing for a chef: Fresh scallops from Trouville in Normandy is what makes Eric Frechon at the Hotel Bristol in Paris tick. So the three star chef comes up with a new preparation for the coquilles several times a year. Latest example: Watercress coulis, two scallops and a generous Alba truffle shaving with a mini gnocchi make the terroir and the product speak loud and clear. In fact, Frechon is a true minimalist and deservedly stands at the top of the French food hierarchy. If we had to compare him to a designer, we’d say Jil Sander.

Achtung Appetit prefers grand hotels like the one this true master chef is working at to trendy ones. So one of Germany’s most creative fashion and still life photographers, Peter Langer, Achtung features director Eckhart Nickel and myself spent a day at the Hotel Bristol in Paris and the three star restaurant Epicure on the Faubourg St.Honore to capture a new way of looking at the best in fine dining and lodging.

Fotografie: Peter Langer; Cover-Fotografie: Alexey Kiselev