A20 Persönlich: Lou de Bètoly

Sie ist eigentlich eine Rarität in Berlin. Eine waschechte Parisienne, die einen Haute Couture Touch in ihre Kollektionen bringt via Fantasie Häkelei.

A20 sind 20 persönliche und mal mehr, mal weniger modische Fragen an Talente aus unserer Heimatstadt Berlin.

1. Where do you live?

Lou de Bètoly: I live in Neukölln, Berlin.

2. Since when are you in Berlin and where are you from?

LB: I am from Paris and I’m in Berlin since 2011. 

3. Where do you want to go?

LB: Everywhere.

4. How big is your flat?

LB: I find it big.

5. How big is your studio / office?

LB: At the moment I invaded my flat. But I’m moving in a new space next month.

Die gebürtige Französin lebt und arbeitet seit 2011 in Berlin.

6. How big is your team?

LB: My team is small.

7. What would you do if not fashion design?

LB: If I wouldn’t be a fashion designer then maybe I would do other kinds of design.

8. Do you have a role model?

LB: I like people who appear very free to me.

9. Which district do you like the most and why?

LB: Neukölln because I know it very well.

10. Your secret Berlin tipp?

LB: If I tell you then it’s not a secret anymore.

Inspiration findet die Designerin im Surrealismus und Chaos, in der Nostalgie und Extravaganza.

11. What does Berlin smell like?

LB: It smells like fresh air.

12. What does Berlin taste like?

LB: It tastes like tofu sausage.

13. The berliners knack for fashion? 

LB: They experiment very well.

14. And their weak point?

LB: French chic.

15. Where do you see the Berlin fashion scene in 10 years?

LB: I don’t know.

Lou de Bètoly Herbst/Winter 2020

16. Which colour has your wardrobe?

LB: Multico.

17. How long is the screen time of your smartphone?

LB: Aprox two hours.

18. A trend which you would never follow?

LB: I don’t say never to a trend because it changes quickly.

19. A trend which you are following?

LB: I started wearing sneakers a few years ago and I think it’s very comfortable.

20. Which music do you hear when you are working? 

LB: I hear any kind of music and especially a lot of classic music and soundtracks.

Die Designerin ist für ihr feines Handwerk und ihre detaillierten Verzierungen bekannt.

21. What do you want to archive?

LB: Everything.

22. What slows you down?

LB: My feelings.

23. If Berlin would be a piece of clothing, what would it be?

LB: It would be a vintage sweater.

24. Why still Berlin?

LB: Because it feels like home.